Small Businesses,

Big Impact!

Embedding commerce, logistics and financing solutions together to supercharge small businesses.

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Small Businesses,

Big Impact!

Embedding commerce, logistics and financing solutions together to supercharge small businesses.

What is ShopUp

ShopUp facilitates easy access to food and essentials for 31 million people in the country, by connecting mills and manufacturers to a network of small neighbourhood shops.

Our Products

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Mokam is a B2B commerce platform that connects mills and manufacturers to small neighborhood retail shops. Through Mokam we are ensuring a seamless network for quality food and household essentials.

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REDX is the largest last-mile logistics network for businesses, ensuring smooth movement of goods across the country. At present, REDX reaches 493 sub-districts, spanning 64 districts, making it the most extensive network in Bangladesh.

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Briddhi, empowers unserved & underserved communities in Bangladesh by using innovative business models and technology-driven solutions to unlock their financial freedom.

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Briddhi helped me scale up

After starting my business, one of the biggest challenges I faced was scaling up sales so I could ultimately increase my profits. I realized the only way to scale up would be to invest more capital into the business so I could purchase more supplies, and in turn, make more sales. But no financial institution was ready to provide credit to a small shopkeeper like me. Briddhi eliminated the need for more capital by simply providing me with supplies on credit. This helped me significantly increase my sales and become a more profitable business.

Anita Das Rani

Purba Store

REDX saved my business

I earn my livelihood by running a small online clothing store. When the lockdown started last year, all the delivery services stopped their services. As a result, my business was suffering badly. Thankfully I got to know about REDX - they were the only logistics company supporting small businesses like mine. Their service not only helped my business stay afloat through a critical period but also helped me expand the scope of my business with nationwide coverage.

Rabeya Ahmed

Beauty Blend

Mokam has changed my life

I lost my job at the start of the pandemic. My wife sold some of her gold jewelry and gave me a small amount of money. I used it as capital to start a small shop to sell groceries in my neighborhood. I struggled a lot at first, since I didn't know where to source products from, and I often would not get good deals from the suppliers. Mokam changed my life with ready access to a huge category of products at great prices. I can now completely focus on sales as Mokam takes care of all my sourcing needs with the guarantee of fair pricing.

Emdad Hossain

Emdad General Store

Life at ShopUp

At ShopUp, we dream big, grow fast, work hard, and play harder, while changing millions of lives for the better!

Every single day, we are in charge of solving challenges that directly impact the lives and livelihoods of millions of people, from the smallest friendly local grocery store owner to the largest corporations in the country. Here, you get to work with a dynamic team formed by some of the best minds from Bangladesh and Bangalore. A fun workplace awaits!

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Life at ShopUp

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